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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NFC West *Pre-Season* Breakdown

NFC West:

Okay today we finalize the NFC with a trip to the West Coast. Well sort of. I think we can all agree this is still the worst division of the NFC. Could this be the season we see another 8-8 team winning the division? Let's try to examine the off season moves of the West......
Cards: Warner, Boldin leaves and Lenhart steps in as starter. Can we say their season left with Warner?
Niners: I actually like the Niners, I know it's crazy coming from a Cowboys fan but I like what Singletary has done to that team.
Rams: Make way here comes Bradford, boy is he in for a rude awaking in his NFL debut. He needs to think god for Stephen Jackson.
Seahawks: Pete Carroll tries the NFL again to escape all the NCAA problems. I'm not believing in this team, but at the same token I wouldn't be surprised if their the dark horse of the NFL this year.
Alright let's get into "Bud Light Top Questions" followed by the head to head battle D and Madden 11 on the Pre-Season predictions of the the West.

Bud Light Questions:

Question 1:
Whose the strongest in this weak division?

Okay, I'm going for a clean sweep by the 49ers. Go ahead and disagree.

Question 2:
How do see Bradford's season debut playing out?

I would like to think he's gonna have a Peyton Manning rookie season, dude's got some accuracy. But that team around him is straight up garbage! Long story short, he has a rough one, but the future is looking brighter for the Rams.

Question 3:
Seahawks, with Carroll can they make some noise?

Like I said I think they can be the dark horse. It all depends if Hasselback stays healthy. That O is pretty decent, it all depends on their health.

Question 4:
Can the Cards still dominate this division?

HELL NO!!!!!! Matt will be benched for good by Week 7, and that week officially starts the rebuilding.

Question 5:
So how do you see the West playing out this season?

D vs Madden
49ers         9-7
Seahawks  8-8
Rams        4-12
Cards        3-13
Cards         9-6-1
Rams         8-7-1
49ers          7-9
Seahawks   5-11
Key Games for the West:
Week 1: Cardinals - Rams (Bradford's Debut)
Week 2: 49ers - Saints (I've got UPSET all over this one)
Week 5: Rams - Lions (Suh shows why he should have been first)
Week 7 & 10: Seahwaks - Cardinals (Pete Carroll vs Matt Lenhart aka Teacher vs Student)
Week 8: Cardinals - Buccs (Game for last place in the NFC)

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