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Sunday, August 22, 2010

AFC East *Pre-Season* Breakdown


We've come down to the final division to wrap up our Pre-Season breakdown. This division strikes me as the most interesting in the league. Everyone is riding the coat tails of Jets after an amazing season last. The Dolphins after picking up Brandon Marshall seem to be the other popular.
The Patriots seem to be quietly sitting as everyone is overlooking them. This makes them more dangerous. I think the Pat's will kill this year. They seem to have a new hunger and with Brady eyeing to get a better contract then Peyton makes this team in the for front to me.
I'm not buying into the hype of Miami. Chad Henne is not that great of QB. Their running game is solid and D is somewhat good.
As for NY Jets, cm on their on HBO's Hard Knox, how many teams have had success on that show? Mark my words on this; Mark Sanchez will take a step back statistically. I promise this! I'm not saying he's gonna be a bad QB, I think he'll be good but this season just watch. You'll see without Revis how their secondary will struggle in moments this upcoming season. Also who in their right mind would give a Conerback a $100 million dollar contract? That is just stupid!!!
You notice I missed out Buffalo, well that's because I don't expect much from them.
Let's get into "Bud Light Top Questions" followed by the head to head battle D and Madden 11 on the Pre-Season predictions of the the East.

Bud Light Questions

Question 1:
How much of an impact does not having Revis do to the Jets?

I don't think it'll have an immediate impact, but (yes but) their will be moments this year when they'll need him. Their D is good with or without him.

Question 2:
Should Brady's contract be more then Peyton's?

Well depends on how you look at this, if your looking as far as wins and championships, Brady hands down. But to whose more valuable to their team it's Peyton. Not to take nothing from Tom, but didn't Cassel win 10 games and almost make the playoffs with no NFL experience? I think I'll do a blog entry over this!

Question 3:
Is Miami a threat?
Okay I see this year like this: Either they'll be in 1st or 3rd. It all depends on how good Chad Henne's gonna be. They have weapons all around him.
Question 4:
What about Buffalo?
What about them? No QB, no o-line, a some what decent D doesn't add up to much in a stacked East.
Question 5:
So how do you see the East playing out?
D vs Madden:
Patriots   13-3
Jets         12-4
Dolphins   9-7
Bills         3-13
Patriots     11-5
Dolphins    7-9
Jets             7-9
Bills           3-13
Key Games:
Week 1: Patriots - Bengals
Week 1: Jets - Ravens
Week 2 & 13: Patriots - Jets
Week 3 & 14: Dolphins - Jets
Week 4 & 17: Dolphins - Patriots
Week 5: Jets - Vikings
Week 6: Dolphins - Packers
Week 6: Patriots - Ravens
Week 7: Patriots - Chargers
Week 8 : Patriots - Vikings
Week 8: Jets - Packers
Week 9: Bills - Bears (Live from Toronto, NFL's world domination continues)
Week 9: Dolphins - Ravens
Week 11: Patriots - Colts (should be Peyton vs Brady)
Week 11: Jets - Texans
Week 12: Jets - Bengals
Week 15: Patriots - Packers
Week 15: Jets - Steelers

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