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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall 2010 Schedule of Pleasure

If your accustomed to how this works, then you know the drill. If not here's the low down. I try my hardest to stick to the schedule, but I'm human. That's right, the cat's out the bag I said it, I'm human. Just like a human sometimes I might be late a day or two on some post. The only one's that are always on time are the Picks. I know a bunch of you made some good money off these golden picks, so to keep your pocket's happy I'll keep those on time. Here's the run down of each day:

NCAA Football Wrap Monday:

Just wrapping up the weekend that was NCAA football with the new top 25, and review how I did on my picks. Plain and simple.

5th Quarter Tuesday:

Last year it was "NFL WrapUp Tuesday", but I think "5th Quarter" sounds better. Plain and simple, I'll review 4 games that highlighted the weekend, 1 game which one team really sucked, better known as "The Shit Bowl Team of The Week", and the prestigious "Game of The Week". Need to say more?

Music, Movies, Drink Wednesday:

Okay this is something new, I'm gonna either highlight the best music, movie or movies, and or drink recipe this day. Something to help ya get through the mid week slump.

NCAA Pick'em Thursday:

I'm not going to lie last year I did about average on college picks. I didn't have as much time invested into college football like I should, but this year I'll do my thing, TRUST ME!!!! Also I get to go head to head against the famous "Quarter Flip" and Mr. Senior X....

NFL Pick Friday:

Now here goes my bread and butter, what everyone flocks to this blog for this time every year. I promise and it's not being cocky, I'm the most accurate NFL picker on the net. Promise! Don't believe me? Look at my track record of the past year's against your favorite online beat writer. I've challenged many online writers to a head to to head duel, but none answer. I have a winning percentage of .900 and the best thing it's FREE!!!! Oh and by the way, Your welcome.

Wild Card Saturday:

Here's another new addition to this fall. This is just a day to do some random post, ya heard?

*Throughout the Fall I'll be doing my picks on MLB Divison hunts all the way through to the World Series. I'll also have my views on the beginning of the NBA season. Just in case you were wondering.

Looks like another fun fall ahead of us, enjoy!

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