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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Week 9 Picks....

Last week, I have to admit the way the morning started I thought I was going for a lights out weekend, and just like that, the tides turn! I started out 7-2 and finished 1-3. Miami and Buffalo was tough, I thought Buffalo would of took it, San Diego and New Orleans, boy that was a good one (if you had players from those teams on fantasy). Cleveland, Jacksonville. Don't get me started, Jacksonville has been kinda disappointing this season. And Monday, I lost my first upset game of the year. Damn I thought Indy was going to pull it, maybe Tennessee might be for real this year? After going 8-5 last week which brings my yearly record to 71-45. Which I might add is WWWAAAAYYYYYY better then most of "these experts" on the net and on t.v. have. I take any of these dudes on one on one let me know son. Now lets foward into this week's game. My boys are underdogs, and the schedule has alot, and I do mean ALOT of possibility of upsets!!! It was a tough week to pick and here it goes.......

Buffalo over NY Jets
Chicago over Detroit
Jacksonville over Cincinnati
Baltimore over Cleveland
Tampa Bay over Kansas City
Minnesota over Houston
Arizona over St. Louis
Tennessee over Green Bay
Miami over Denver
Atlanta over Oakland
Phily over Seattle
Indy over New England
Pittsburgh over Washington

And for the upset.........
Now I can't believe, or if we went back to the beginning of the season, I wouldn't believe this would be consider "such of upset game". But since it is then here it goes:

Dallas over NY Giants

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