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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Week 10 Picks Son.....

Last week was murderous for me; 11-3 (82-48 for the season) most of these cats here online can't even claim a record close to mine this season!!! Talking about last week (week 9) I should have went 12-2, but I took my boys (the Cowboys) over the Giant's. I knew in my heart the smartest pick was New York, but fuck it i' m loyal Cowboy fan and sometimes you have to take those loss's. Let's look at this week's games, so far I'm starting off 1-0 with that ass raping Jay Cutler gave Cleveland on Thursday. Alot of these games are no brainers and some are going to be super tough! With that said here goes picks son.

Atlanta over New Orleans
(this is going to be a bad ass game!!! I really hope Atlanta pulls it off, and no Reggie = No W)
Tennessee over Chicago
(Down Syndrome Rex Starting makes this a no brainer)
Jacksonville over Detroit
Baltimore over Houston
(Now I wouldn't be surprise if Houston pulls an upset)
Miami over Seattle
Green Bay over Minnesota
New England over Buffalo
(Half of the Bills are injured, and the Pat's don't lose 2 in row)
NY Jets over St. Louis
(No Stephen Jackson = Horrible Loss for the Rams)
Carolina over Oakland
San Diego over K.C.
Philly over NY Giants
Arizona over San Francisco

Now for the upset special......
Last week I got it wrong, but this week it's redemption time bitches!!!!

Indy over Pittsburgh

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