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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Football

First off Happy Thanksgiving to all. Thanksgiving wouldn't be nothing without some football! And if your like me it's like a tradition to watch football after or before eating. Good thing I live and i'm from a state where my home teams doesn't have tradition of losing like other states (uh hum Detroit, Michigan) .

Well with that said let's jump into some football picks...

Last week I went 11-5 (117-58-1 for the year) Last week's game had some turnouts I didn't expect to see happing like New Orleans and Green Bay, or Oakland and Denver. But none the less I still kicked some major ass son!!! Check yahoo, or other "genius's" on picks i'm neck in neck with them bastards! Enough of that lets get into todays games:

Tennessee over Detroit
(this will be a nasty game, and that's just the first half! Expect this to be over with halfway through the 2nd)
Dallas over Seattle
(Either Roy Williams or T.O. will have another monster week!)
Arizona over Phily
(poor Donvon and the Eagles, Warner's gonna massacre you guys)

don't forget a big game that can shake up the BCS tonight

"Texas and Texas A&M"
Texas has had trouble with A&M these past couple of ye
This is gonna be good son

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