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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week 11 Picks.....

Man I don't know what it is? Last week I went 12-2! The last 3 weeks I have a combine 31-10 record (94-50 for the year)! So in short I think this is what we call straight domination son! Enough about me lets get back to some football. Last week was a relaxing week of football, maybe cause my cowboys didn't play. There was some kick ass games on the schedule, like Tennessee and Chicago. I don't know about you but I love defensive games. The ass raping the Jets gave the Rams. Indy and Pittsburgh was a kick ass game all the way till the end. I really thought when Big Ben put up that hail mary his guy's were gonna come down with it! San Diego and K.C. was a good one too. I agree with that two point conversion at the end by K.C. it's too bad they couldn't convert. And Monday, Arizona and San Fran, man was that a game! I really thought it was gonna be a suck fest. But ended up probably being the best game of the week! Maybe Mike needs to drop his pants more huh?

With that recap done I forgot to put my pick up for Thursday. I rolled with New England on that one. Yes I know I lost but damn that was a amazing game son! Matt Cassell, I have to say I'm a fan now. He put up some amazing throws and runs. Not to take anything from Brett Frave and the Jets because what Brett's doing for them is no surprise to me. I figured them to be a wild card this year.

Alright let's fast forward to today's games. I start the weekend 0-1, and it seems like a fairly easy week on picks. I feel there could be some major upsets this week, with that said here we go:

Atlanta over Denver
(The Matt Ryan train will roll again, and Jay Cutler is un-reliable so go with Atl.)
Carolina over Detroit
(sorry det. but your team sucks major league balls!)
Philly over Cinncy
Green Bay over Chicago

(this is going to be good, down syndrome Rex will go 17-90 and the Bears will manage to lose by 3)
Indy over Houston
(man I would not be surprise if Houston wins)
Tennessee over Jacksonville
New Orleans over K.C.
Miami over Oakland
NY Giants over Baltimore

Tampa Bay over Minnesota
San Fran over St.Louis

( I feel for ya if your Rams fan)
Arizona over Seattle
Pittsburgh over San Diego
Dallas over Washington

(Romo with explode like nut on a prostitute face!)
Buffalo over Cleveland

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