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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Not this week son!!!!!!!!!!!

Today will be the end of one of two things or both. The BCS and Texas Tech Championship hopes, or Oklahoma's Championship hopes. Me personally i'm going for the first, not just because I think the whole BCS is a load crap, but also this is the same thing that's has my team (Texas) waiting on the outcome of this game and a wish to maybe get a shot at the BCS Championship.

If the following should happen this should be the final nail in the BCS coffin.

Will it go away?

Probably not. But it would be nice if it did, right?

Alright I think Oklahoma will Beat Tech which will put a 3 way tie on the Big 12 South.
This is where it gets real tricky, who do you then send to the Big 12 Championship against a hot Missouri (assuming they win out the north)? For obvious reason's you probably wouldn't send Tech seeing how they just lost to Oklahoma and they probably wouldn't send Texas seeing how Oklahoma just beat the #2 school in the country and should be #2 at this point.

So Oklahoma wins the South by default.

This brings us now to Conference Championship week.

Big 12 is: Oklahoma and Missouri
The Sec is: Florida and Alabama

This should determine who goes to the National Championship right? Well....

Alright Florida should beat Alabama with ease at this point (yay yay yay Alabama is out of the picture now! yay yay yay and now they just won the bid to the "Cock Suckers Bowl") and this puts Florida in Championship seat. The Big 12 comes around and lets suppose if Missouri pulls this upset off against Oklahoma. Uh oh now the bcs is anally fucked. Who now goes? Do you send Texas who has been sitting on the sidelines probably at #3 at this point or do send another Conference winner? Not only that, but now you have to look at this, wouldn't this qualify Missouri for a BCS Bowl, and your still going to have Tech sitting somewhere around #5-7 should they get a BCS Bowl?

Thats college football for ya......

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