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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week 12 Picks.....

Last week once again I dominated son!!! 12-3-1 for Week 11, 106-53-1 for the season, opps I mean 107-53-1 after Thursday's victory. Last week was pretty easy, I thought I was going to be in for a rough week after New England lost, then Atlanta lost, then came that tie. But I pulled out pretty well with the rest of the games. Everyone was jumping on the Tennessee getting defeated last week band wagon, but I knew they were better then that. I glad I took Indy over Houston, man I was so close to taking Houston. And My Boys, what a fucking victory over the Redskins huh? It's like I tell everyone, Washington is not a serious team. They do this every year, they start off hot then finish cold, or vice versa. Zorn i'm sorry your not going to change this teams ways. They sucked before and they still will. I have them finishing out the season at 8-8. You might think i'm talking out my ass but we will see when Week 17 comes. Romo looked good. That one int that T.O. gave up was a hard hit, so in my mind it didn't really count. Barber took apart that d nice. What about Pittsburgh and San Diego. Damn what happen with San Diego? Or better yet what has happened with most of last years good teams? I'll tell you what it is, these young teams are hunger as hell and they are showing it. Well enough with last weeks let's move to this weeks games. This weeks was pretty tough, but I said that last week, and I have an upset special without further words here they are:

Atlanta over Carolina
Houston over Cleveland
Dallas over San Francisco
(Roy E. Williams will have a game watch)
Tampa Bay over Detroit

(damn it REALLY must suck to be a Lions fan)
Jacksonville over Minnesota
Buffalo over K.C.
New England over Miami

(N.E. won't be fooled twice)
Chicago over St.Louis
Tennessee over NY Jets

(yea band wagoners prepare to lose again for picking the Jets)
Denver over Oakland
Washington over Seattle
Indy over San Diego
(Maybe a year this would have been a close game but not this year)
Green Bay over New Orleans

And for the Upset special
Drum Roll Please........................................

Arizona over NY Giants

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