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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Top 5 Games Coming or Out For The PS3 This Fall

First off sorry to you Wii, X-Box 360, P.C. gamers. I'm all about my PS3 son!!! But don't get me wrong I'm going to pick up a X-Box 360 sometime in the very near future, but till then it's all about my Playstation 3 playa!!! And if your making a Christmas list of PS3 games you may want to consider these.......

Here's my list......

*Note (this are mainly games I want and I that are the shit and not influenced by some shit other site)

5) Mortal Kombat .vs. D.C. Universe

Come on who wouldn't want to fight Sub-Zero with The Joker, or Batman...

4) Mirrors Edge

Playing a First person action game that makes you feel like your in action movie is Bad ASS SON!!!!! Just look it up on youtube you'll see what i'm talking about...

Next is a tie...

it's my blog I can do that son!!!!

3) Call of Duty - World At War & Tom Clancy "End War"

Well I like Call of Duty 4 and at first I was kinda excited about "World at War", then I kinda lost my interest in it until last night. My girlfriend's brother showed me the online Zombie Mode, and Son this is awesome. Look it up on Youtube.
End War, now this game i've been waiting to get my hands on!!! Man a voice command real time strategy and you can fight on U.S. territory or Russia or in Europe!!! That = it's a nice!!!!

2) Little Big Planet

I had played the beta version and a little of the actual game, and it's hand's down a kick ass game, nothing more nothing less.

1) Fallout 3

I know what about "Dead Space" what about this game, or this one. Well their good but fuck em this is the game that I feel is the shit and you can see from this vid:

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