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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week 13 Picks

Alright this past Thursday I went 2-1 which brings my season record to 119-59-1. I swear that's why I hate Phily!!!! They are nothing but bad luck to me son! This weeks gonna tough. Alot of games are going to be a bitch! Like San Diego and Atlanta, Washington and Giants. I'm happy Plaxico shot himself this holiday season. It puts the Giants in another tough spot for them for this last part of the season. Then you got Green Bay and Carolina, or Pittsburgh and New England. Their tough to pick, but I've been saying it all year and look at my record. Better then your favorite sports writers record. Well with that said here goes my picks for the week....

Buffalo over San Francisco
Baltimore over Cinncy
Indy over Cleveland
Carolina over Green Bay
NY Jets over Denver
Miami over St. Louis
Tampa Bay over New Orleans
NY Giants over Washington
San Diego over Atlanta

(two words: JET LAG!!!!)
Pittsburgh over New England
(sorry N.E. I've had your back this year but not in this one)
K.C. over Oakland
(in this ball sucking fest, I'm taking K.C. easily)
Minnesota over Chicago
(Peterson's gonna have a game playa)
Jacksonville over Houston
(I wouldn't be suprised if Jacksonville let's me down again)

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