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Monday, October 13, 2008

What a weekend of Football!!!!!

First off College on Saturday was a bad ass and Week 6 didn't dissapoint. Here's some of the games that I thought I'd speak about that were pretty bad ass!!!!

Minnesota and Detroit; Both teams looked pretty shitty, but damn that finish was sick!!!

Wanna talk about sick finishes, what about Chicago and Atlanta. If you missed that 4th qtr. then you missed a damn good game. I gotta tell ya, you gotta keep an eye out for mista Matt Ryan.

I told ya about this upset!!! I hate Houston but that 4th qtr. was pretty nice.
The Muthafuckin Rams beat the Redskins, Score!!! Sort of? We gotta play these a-holes next week, I'm starting to scared about these "for sure win games" now..

Before I write this, i'm a Tom Brady fan and this game in my mind, even though the Patriots got killed, still doesn't count until Shawn Merrian and Tom Brady are playing. But It makes you wonder what comes around goes around huh?

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