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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Al Davis Sucks Son!!!! But then again I really don't Like the Raiders....

First off I hate the Raiders, and the fact they're having so much trouble with their front office is actually pretty bad ass to me!!! But for the 10 Raider fans in the world it must really suck having a fake Jerry Jones running your team straight into the ground. Not even that but he looks like he's a few years from being on Iron Lung. Look at some of the new pic's of him, doesn't resemble another character from the 80's/90's... Let me think oh yea, the crypt keeper from tales from the crypt haha Alright not to rag too much on you Raider fans, but until Al Davis leaves the team you'll always be 3-13 or 5-11 team that's the facts.

See the Pic's
Look's like long last family members...

Al Davis Now

Al Davis 10 years ago

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