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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Week 8 Picks!!!!

Last Week I rolled 9-5 (63-40 for the season). Once again I got my upset pick right, whats that like 3 weeks in roll? Last week was a interesting week. For starters my boys last again! New England showed up on Monday night against a disgusting Denver D. Indy got a ass beating worst then what my boys are getting. Chicago won a shootout against Minny, to bad neither one has a d. And Buffalo showed everyone why San Diego sucks!!! This week had some tough ass games. Like Pittsburgh and New York Giants, or Atlanta and Phily, or Dallas Tampa Bay. Well without further a do here's the golden picks of the week....

Baltimore over Oakland
Carolina over Arizona
Dallas over Tampa Bay
(no way were dropping 3 straight, trust me!)
Washington over Detroit
Buffalo over Miami
New England over St. Louis
(no s. jackson equals no victory)
San Diego over New Orleans
N.Y. Jets over K.C.
Phily over Atlanta
Jacksonville over Cleveland
Pittsburgh over N.Y. Giants
San Fran. over Seattle

And the upset special on Monday night son is..................................

Indy over Tennessee
(Ten. gets their first loss this week)

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