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Friday, October 3, 2008

Music Too Download For The Weekend....

The Three Albums that'll have your weekend starting and ending of right is:

Paper Trails

Now I know it just came out to you most of you guys, but I've had this one for going on a month, and it's really good. It has all the elements your looking for in a weekend; partying, drinking, girls, intercorse haha!!!! It's a good one download it.

The 2nd is:

50 Cent
Before I Self Destruct

This bitch is banging son!!! It should of been released instead of Curtis. This one's got some nice joints on it for the occasion if you get someone home from where ever your partying from.
If you download it be sure to put on these tracks: Girl Come Over, Part Time Lover, & Bottom Chick. Then after your done with your business bump "I Don't Love 'Em" Haha it'll be a way to end a evening.

The Final One Is.....

Bishop Lamont
The Confessional

It's a nice Sunday chilling type of flow here. When your unwinding from the Friday and Saturday put this on to help your Sunday and look back at the nice memories you had....

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