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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Week 7 Picks Son...

Okay last week I went 8-6 (54-35 for the season)... I know, not that good compared to the last three weeks. But I called the upset with Houston over Miami. I have to admit even though I did go 8-6 and my boys lost like 20 players with injuries and got man-handled by the Cardinals, it was a fun weekend of football. Like for example the Bears and Falcons, was a kick ass game all the way till the end. St.Louis and Washington was another good game. I guess what i'm saying I'll take a 8-6 weekend for some kick ass, last minute awesome games. With that said here's my week 7 picks son....

Carolina over New Orleans
Chicago over Minnesota
Pittsburgh over Cincy
Tennessee over K.C.
Miami over Baltimore
Giants over San Fran
Dallas over St. Louis
Houston over Detroit
Indy over Green Bay
Jets over Oakland
Washington over Cleveland
Tampa Bay over Seattle
Denver over New England

And for the Upset for the week, well it's not really an upset, I think it's gonna open peoples eyes to this team (if they weren't already) and that is:

Buffalo over San Diego

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