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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This is dope!!! I can't wait to own one!!!

powerful 300W RMS
With a powerful 300W RMS output, you can be confident that you will feel the impact of your favourite action movie, and still hear the soft dialogue, and delicate musical scores.
virtual 5.1 surround sound
Using SAMSUNG's DNSe 2.1 sound engine, the HT-X810 achieves realistic surround sound, without the need for messy speakers & cables.
5.8GHz wireless subwoofer
The wireless subwoofer allows easy room placement, and it operates on a 5.8GHz frequency to reduce any interference from cordless phones, etc.
Bluetooth connectivity
With a Bluetooth connection you can easily (and wirelessly) play music directly from your Bluetooth MP3 player or mobile phone.

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