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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday NFL X-News

Alright you know what time it is, time for this weeks version of:
Wednesday NFL X-News
*Volume 1 Episode 2*

Ryan Grant's Ankle Injury:
This hurt me on so many levels on fantasy. Considering he was my 2nd round pick (12 man league). But it seems this Ankle Injury will have him sidelined all year. That's right ALL YEAR!!! Time to start fishing in the free agent market for my fantasy owners. The back-up Brandon Jackson will get the nod, for now. From what I've been hearing they may be a trade for Marshon Lynch, or a move for a RB before the dead line. So pick up Jackson with caution.

Mathew Stafford's Injury:
From what I've been reading, he's looking at 4-6 weeks out. First Stafford, then the TD taken away. It seems Detroit can't catch a break. Hopefully Shaun Hill can keep things rolling positive. I'm not betting on it though.

Randy Moss:
First he went on a rant about how he wants to stay in New England, to how the coaching staff doesn't suck his cock enough. Today he responds to Revis's comments about how he's a slob, saying "the slob's gonna be in his face for a full 60 minutes on Sunday". Okay let's start with the first comments. I think N.E. is the best fit for him, he's been a "Good Boy" being there, and has had amazing numbers with Brady. The way N.E. works, he'll probably be in a new uni next season, which sucks but hey "it's a business" so he says. To Revis and the Jets. I think the Pats are gonna go in and DOMINATE!!! That you can take to the bank. The Pat's are pissed and Moss is pissed, they'll be going for blood in this one.

Man that game on Sunday was a bad. Barron put a choke hold on to eff the game up in the end. People here in Dallas want to blame Garrett for poor play calling (i.e. Barber's pass) and the D and poor play from Romo to Dez. Look people it's WEEK 1!!! Garrett's play were pretty interesting, that pass play from Barber was cool, if it worked. People here in Dallas aren't use to unique play calls like that. I swear their still stuck in 40-50's style of play, it's sicken! The Defense was on point, really they only gave up 6 points and stopped the passing attack of McNabb. Romo had good numbers, just couldn't convert in the red zone, again. Dez is gonna be a stud, hand's down! After they beat the Bears this weekend they'll be favorite by everyone to win the Super Bowl again.

Top 5 Rookies of The Week:
Here it goes, if you disagree, too bad!!!

5. Dez Bryant (Dal) - showing he isn't gonna be nobodies punk after trying to slam Hall, and McIntosh on two plays. A stud watch.
4. Sam Bradford (Stl) - over 50 attempts, decent passing yards. If he can survive the year and get a decent line this dude's gonna blow up.
3. Jahvid Best (Det) - He blossomed with decent numbers in Week 1. I have a feeling he'll fall off next weeks list with Hill as QB.
2. Ryan Mathews (SD) - 76 yds a fumble on a wet field. Here's your one free pass bub.
1. Ndamukong Suh (Det) - Sack, good key tackles. Man this guys gonna be a beast this year. I'm calling 10 sacks and Rookie of The Year.

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