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Monday, September 13, 2010

NCAA Wrap Week 2

Man I really dropped the ball on my picks for a 2nd straight week!!! I promise this week I'll be back in action on them. If it's any consultation, I did pick Ohio St. against Miami..... Alright I'm gonna run this week's version with less bull and more review since I didn't have my picks in.....

Top 25:

1.Alabama - Beat 18 Penn St. 24-3 (Freshman QB has no chance in Alabama)
2.Ohio St. - Beat 12 Miami 36-24 (if my picks were in on time you'd won some $$$ on this one)
3.Boise St. - Beat 13 Virgina Tech 33-30 (agh words I can put into words how I feel about this FRAUD)
4.TCU  - Beat Tennessee Tech 62-7 (really, tenn. tech?)
5.Texas - Beat Wyoming 34-7 (Texas Tech coming up next should be a good one)
6.Nebraska - Beat Idaho 38-17 (Cornhuskers are my dark horse this year)
7.Oregon - Beat Tennessee 48-13 (I'm not sure how I feel about the ducks just yet...)
8.Florida - Beat South Florida 38-14 (Gators O doesn't look to good, good thing that was S.Florida)
9.Iowa - Beat Iowa St. 35-7 (Boy Big 12 coming on strong in the early going)
10.Oklahoma - Beat Florida St. 47-17 (Red River rivalry is shaping up to be a nice one)
11.Wisconsin  - Beat San Jose St. 27-14 (San Jose St.?)
12.Miami (FL) - Lost 2 Ohio St. 24-36 (Boy, O Boy, looks like a Holiday Bowl Bid is in the future)
13.Virginia Tech - Lost 3 Boise St. 30-33 (0-2, they'll be off the Top 25 this week)
14.Arkansas - Beat Louisiana Monroe 31-7 (My dark horse #2)
15.Georgia Tech - Lost Kansas 25-28 (this one was a heart breaker, tough loss)
16.USC - Beat Virgina 17-14 (For the first time I'm actually cheering for USC this season)
17.Florida St. - Lost 10 Oklahoma 17-47 (ass-raping U.S.A.)
18.Penn St. - Lost 1 Alabama 3-24 (hate to say it, but this one was done before it started)
19.LSU - Beat Vanderbilt 27-3 (Can they make a BCS bid this year?)
20.Utah - Beat UNLV 38-10 (Utah is in the same league as Boise St. to me)
21.Auburn - Beat Mississippi St. 17-14 (Auburn, I haven't made my decision on them yet)
22.Georgia - Lost 24 South Carolina 6-17 (Bye, Bye, see you next year)
23.West Virginia - Beat Marshall 24-21 (this one was actually a good game)
24.South Carolina - Beat 22 Georgia 17-6 (Surprise team of the year, mark my words)
25.Stanford - Beat UCLA 35-0 (Best QB in NCAA, I think could make a run to a BCS Bowl Bid)

Best Game of The Week:
Michigan over Norte Dame 28-24

This years version of Tim Tebow in D. Robinson just dominated!!! This was a fun game to watch, ND threw a 95 td pass, and Robinson ran for a 87 yd. Td.

Best Team of The Week:
Ohio St.

Great game against a ranked team, need I say more?

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