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Friday, September 10, 2010

NFL Picks Friday

Thank god football is back in the air, Week 1 is about to kick off in 2 days!!! Man I've been waiting to do my picks since Week 17 of last season. Enough of that, I'm starting this Week off 1-0 after my pick of New Orleans last night. This week is a stacked with GOOD GAMES!!! From N.E. and Cinncy, to Houston and Indy, to Green Bay and Phily, to Dallas and Washington, to Baltimore and NY Jets. Needless to say I'll be in full REDZONE mode on Sunday!!! Without further delay here goes the kick off of 2010-11 season verson of:

NFL Pick Friday
"Kickoff Special"

Miami over Buffalo
Bears over Lions
Titans over Raiders
Patriots over Bengals
Giants over Carolina
Atlanta over Pittsburgh
Cleveland over Tampa Bay
Denver over Jacksonville
San Francisco over Seattle
Green Bay over Philly
Rams over Cardinals
Sunday Night Football:
Dallas over Washington
Monday Night Football:
San Diego over Kansas City


Indy over Houston
Monday Night Football:
Baltimore over NY Jets

Also if your not watching REDZONE, you've got something wrong with you!!!

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