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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

NFL Pick Friday on "Wednesday Kickoff Special"

Ahhhhhhh football is back in the air after a LLLLOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG offseason. Man you don't know how much I've missed picking games!!! Last year I had a winning percentage of .890, improved from the year before of .800. Last year I made alot of you money and the service I'm giving you for FREE is back. Take my picks wisely and enjoy your winnings. The rest of the week will be on it's normally schedule on Friday. Now to the Pick.....


NFL Pick Friday
on Wednesday
Kickoff Weekend Edition:
Thursday Night Football:
Saints over Vikings

Brett Farve will get murdered in this game. Yes I still dislike the Saints, I know they'll be treating this game like it's a playoff game which means bad news for the Vikes. Not to mention no Sidney Rice and a half healthy Percy Harvin is gonna make it tough for Minny.

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