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Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday X-News

Alright let's review the big news over the weekend in this edition of "X-News"

Mayweathers Little Bitch Rant on Youtube:

*Apperently I can't just embed the vid, so look at the post below or above to see for yourself*
.....Well if you just fight the man you won't have to bitch.

T.J. Whose your mama:

He's cut by Seattle, then sign's with Baltimore today..... Still any doubts about the Ravens?

Matt "little bitch" Leinart:

Released by Arizona, then signed with the Texans today. Dude your a BUST!!!! Follow the steps in fellow bust and get a job commentating on College Football before it's too late.

Redskins Week 1 Woes:

Okay Mcnabb and Fat Albert aren't starting. One because of injury and the other because of poor performance. Are you still believing this team's taking the East? We'll break em down more tomorrow on NFL Tuesday.

Chargers Wide Out News:

They picked up Crayton, *Ring, Ring* fantasy owners need to make a move on this one. Vincent looks like he's gonna be out for a good while. With Malcolm Floyd as the number 1 and now Crayton as the 2, looks like Rivers has some a great season ahead of him. I was being sarcastic, in case you can't read between the line.

Revis Island has arrived:

After the pre-season hold out, it seems Revis has signed and will be ready for Week 1.

Signing out Senior X.....

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