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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

5th Quarter Tuesday

Week 1, well was fun to watch, especially if you love defensive struggles. For me it was a nightmare come true!!! My fantasy team started off pretty bad (i.e.: Ryan Grant, Andre Johnson to a name a couple.) As for picks, well started 8-8 was not how I pictured the season starting. Last time I opened at 8-8 was in '03 when I started doing picks! There were a handful of games I knew would go the other way, but I take the safe bet for the first time instead of my gut and this is what I get. Next week I will strike with VENGEANCE!!! That you can take to the bank!!!

Alright on to Week 1, I surprise how defense's have dominated so many games. I really thought there would be way more high scoring games then what there was. But defense is the key this year or maybe just for Week 1. With that said let's jump into this weeks version of the:

5th Quarter

Thursday Night Football Kickoff:
Saints 14, Vikings 9
Okay I think I speak for everyone on this, I thought this would've been a mammoth score. Something like 35-28 not 14-9!!!!! The Vikings d bucked down after the opening scoring drive and the one after the half. The Saints D was just everywhere!! There were times when I thought "I can't believe how bored, I'm getting" but then I remember not having football since Feb. and it went away. Overall B, more SCORING!!!! Farve had his moments were he looked the Farve of 5 years ago. It still doesn't change my thoughts of him not making the whole season.

Patriots 38, Bengals 24
Halftime was 31-3!!! I knew and I'm now spreading to everyone else, the Pats are gonna DOMINATE this year!!! If bi-polar Randy Moss can pull it together this offense will be a threat again. Belchick finds away to find build an awesome d. The Bengals on the other hand looked, hmmm not good. I'm thinking a .500 year is ahead. Overall B+, Finally some scoring, and that little feeble attempt by the Bengals in the 2nd half made it somewhat interesting.

Monday Night Football:
Ravens 10, NY Jets 9
This fit the bill of two teams that just wanted to just brawl!!! Ray Lewis proved all the haters wrong with some power tackles. The Offense were flat on both sides, while mainly on the New York side. In the Jets defense, wait till Holmes comes back, you'll see a major change!! Overall A, if you defensive games, this one was for you.

Monday Night Football:
Chiefs 21, Chargers 14
Man who saw this coming? What an AMAZING performance from K.C. The Kansas City "Patriots" young talent looks to be dominating. McCluster just killed on punt returns. What about San Diego? Man that passing game looks pretty weak without Vincent Jackson. Without him I can see them becoming one dimensional real quick! Overall A, upset specials are always fun to watch!

....now to the 2nd Annual

Shittest Team of The Week:
49ers 6, Seahawks 31
Okay you had to be a fool if you didn't see this coming. 49ers disappointed plenty, not just local fans but fantasy owners, and predictors (such as myself). The bright side is, every team that was bound "Shittest Team of The Week" always turned it around the next week. I don't know how much they can turn it around with New Orleans coming into town.

and now to the main event......

Game of The Week
Texans 34, Colts 24
They finally did it! They did it the one time I didn't pick em. My gut feeling told me to pick Houston, but when I submitted my picks I flopped at the last minute, my bad sorry. Arian Foster just destroyed the Colts D. Talking about D, man didn't the Texans D look crazy good? I think they might be for real this year, well until Hanyesworth goes back to the Titans.

***Noteables: The Lions did get screwed from that TD, but the rules are the rules. The Cowboys O-Line sucks balls, and Dez will be the man. Atlanta - Pittsburgh had to be the must boring game of the week. Bradford will be a force to be wreck in with as soon as the Rams get an O-Line. And all the fuss over the QB situation in Philly is funny. Man I can remember when that same talk was here in Dallas. My thoughts are, until Kolb proves he can't handle the load, then let's talk QB moves. This is just WEEK 1!!! Last that I remember no one wins or makes a breaks a season in Week 1, well unless your Peyton, Tom Brady and maybe a handful more. My point is, people STOP FREAKING OUT!!! The Jets will have a solid offense when Santonio Holmes comes back, if Jackson signs a contract super fast San Diego will be a strong team. The 49ers will still be a .500 team and will probably win the WEAK NFC West.***

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