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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 4 Wrap Up....

11-3 on picks for this past weekend's games (47-15 for the season). I told you it was a money week! It should be 12-2 but you know how the Cowboys turned a potential disaster into a chemical holocust in Denver. Like I said if you used the picks wisely your sitting on a nice stack right now laughing at your sucker friends who payed a grand fee to break even! Alright let's get into the top 5 games of the week in this weeks episode of The Week Wrap Up lol

New England 27, Baltimore 21

Isn't kinda weird how New England's been making this list? Maybe some favoritism here? Or maybe their games are that entertaining? Hmmm I wonder. This game was action packed with Drama, Suspense and came down to the wire. A perfectly missed pass is what helped New England pull this out. I gotta say 2 thing's impressed me about this one. 1: is New England's secondary looks good! 2: Joe Flacco; ladies and gentlemen is the real deal holyfield! Under pressure in a somewhat hostle place, he kept his cool! Overall A+, game. Brady looked somewhat like his old self, Raven's D is just what it is, Awesome. Good game all around.

Sunday Night Football:
Pittsburgh 38, San Diego 28

San Diego was down 28 to 7 going into the 4th in this one. Normally against Pitt that mean's game over. Well Rivers and company had other thoughts, fighting back just to lose super close! I have to admit, I only saw the 1st quater and the last 7 minutes of the 4th. I gotta say that 4th was something else! Mendenhall had a game, finally the Steelers display they can run. Overall A, good game, good come back in all. I've got one question for ya, when the season started did you ever think the Chargers would be 2 games out of first to the Broncos? You gotta love football.

Saints 24, Jets 10

Okay Mark Sanchez is human! The Saint's D looked awesome. I loved how the Saint's counter the Jet's blitz. I knew it wouldn't be too long until someone was gonna do em dirty on it. Well maybe the Saint's Offense didn't do them dirty, but boy that D sure did, scoring two td's off of Sanchez! Overall B+, nice seeing The New York Rex's finally get their ass handed to them, but come on who really thought a rookie qb would've pulled it out in that hostle enviroment?

Chicago 48, Detroit 24

This 4th game was tough to pick, It was either between this one or Indy or the 49ers game. I had to pick this one for the following: Jay Cutler has been crazy good since Week 1, the Bears running game came alive in a super big way in this one, for one half it looked like the Lions might be able to pull an upset, and did you see that crazy 5 yd. Td. by Cutler, wow! Overall B, That td run by Cutler was sick!!!

Monday Night Football:
Vikings 30, Packers 23

You knew this was coming. Man after enduring a game long ball suck fest of Brett Farve I just couldn't put a pic of him up. It's like ESPN sucking the sack a little too hard! It was a good game, Jared Allen was all, and when I say all I mean AAALLLLLLL over Rogers last night! But Rogers somehow turned being sack 50 times into a decent stat night throwing 384 yds and 3 tds. The night was centered and favored Farve all night, I bet in November when the Vike take that trip to Green Bay, we'll be seeing a different outcome! Overall B+, there was alot of hard hitting and awesome plays!

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