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Friday, October 30, 2009

NFL Picks Friday

Alright it's Friday so that means here another edition of:
NFL Picks Friday

If you don't know by now, I'm pretty bad ass at my picks and my record shows: 76-27. Look up Yahoo Sports, or the Genius's at ESPN. Mines is better. Last week their were a few games that were bad for game like Arizona New York, or letting my hopes for Chicago get in my way for picking them over Cincy. This week is redemption for me. There are some pretty tough games to pick on the schedule this week, but I know I'll come through like always. With that said and keeping with the halloween theme let's get to it, and other web pickers, no matter ESPN, Yahoo, yo momma's basement picker, I'm coming for blood this weekend sucka!

Houston over Buffalo
Chicago over Cleveland
Dallas over Seattle
Indy over San Fran
Jets over Miami
Jags over Titans
San Diego over Oakland
Arizona over Carolina

Detroit over St. Louis
(if Stafford is playing, if not, switch)

***Update Nov. 1st 11:00 am Ctl**
St. Louis over Detroit

Baltimore over Denver
Green Bay over Minnesota
Giants over Eagles
New Orleans over Atlanta

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