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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NFL Tuesday

It's that time again for the weekend wrap up for Week 6. Overall it was a pretty good weekend of football. Some suprises! Some expected wins, some crazy finishes! With that said let's kick in this week's verison of NFL WRAPUP:

Oakland 13, Philadelphia 9

This had to be the day's biggest suprise! The Raiders looked pretty good, Zach Miller had a good game, and Jamarcus Russell actually looked somewhat decent. I think the Eagles are turning back into their bi-polar season slump, one week look super good, and the next week like, really? Overall B, seeing the Eagles lose a game like this, especially against the Raiders makes my list.

Monday Night Football:
Denver 34, San Diego 23

 Wow! 6-0, let me say it again the Broncos 6-0? Alright after watching this game i'll go ahead and say the West is their's, IF, they play it right. I'm super shocked watching this team play. That td pass to Scheffler was crazy, or Eddie Royal's Punt and Kick Return for touch's were just sick! Overall A, seeing the Chargers get worked on their on field, and a really good Broncos at 6-0 make the list.

New England 59, Tennessee 0

Okay, I wasen't gonna put this game up because of the blowout, and the game got taken off after Brady's 6 TD. *Sidenote* next year I will be ordering the NFL Ticket. Alright back to the game, 5 TD's in the 2nd qtr., WOW!!! It looked like the Titan's gave up before the game started. I think the Pat's displayed how your suppose to beat a winless team. Other team's toyed with them, the Pat's beat them senseless! Overall A, 5TD's in one quarter, and a score like 59?

Atlanta 21, Chicago 14

This was a fun one to watch. It was hard, I'm really pulling for both of these teams this season. The Bear's at times looked real bad, and at times looked really good. Matt Ryan looked super smooth in the pocket. Alright i'm not riding the Matt Ryan wagon, but i'm going to call it, he will be the upcoming Peyton Manning. Mark my words and wait and see. Overall A, fun game to the end, Orlando Pace is a C-Sucker for that false start call at the end of the 4th! I wanted to see this one go to OT! Maybe a early playoff matchup?


Minnesota 33, Baltimore 31

WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the Raven's started that rally in the 4th I thought it was over! Damn Farve at 78 is better then half the qb's out there! This was super entertaining!! If you missed out, please take a second and kick yourself..... Ray Rice is turning into a beast out there, and Sidney Rice seem's to be Farve's go to man. Great Game overall A++

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