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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NFL Wrapup Tuesday

This past week was very intresting. For starters losing 5 games was awful which brings my yearly record to 56-20, which if I may add is still better then most sport websites. Don't believe me? Look at yahoo sports picks and their record's.
Second, I thought there was some upset's brewing this week, but damn!
Denver, Cinncy, Miami, Cleveland!!
Okay maybe not Cleveland, I feel bad if you had to sit through that whole game! Geez I think watching a snail race would've been more entertaining!  That game alone probably set the NFL back 15 years! lol
Okay now to this weeks verison of The NFL WrapUp For Week 5

Carolina 20, Washington 17

Okay, maybe this game wouldn't be on many people's list for one of the top games. Granted, normally I wouldn't have either. But Washington lost to another winless team this year! Do I hear the Fire grill starting up? The Redskins plain out suck! Nothing more, nothing less. That weird punt fumble by Washington late in the 4th gave Carolina good position to finish em off. Not to mention Clinton Portis gave up a saftey. Washington is in a major world of pain, I expect some crazy changes before the years up! Overall B-, sorry that's the best I can do.

Dallas 26, Kansas City 20

The throwbacks in this game had to be the best of the weekend. The old Texan's helmets were super dope! Dallas has more troubles then Romo. It's pretty sad how he's the scap goat for the team, and how the Dallas radio has already thrown him under the bus! I say to you Mr. Radio *cough**cough* Galloway, is it Romo's fault the D had 5 straight offside calls? Or how about all the mistakes from Crayton? Exactally! I think the Chiefs will one day be good, their in the "re-build" mode and made Dallas look like the winless team at times. Overall B+, a decent game, Miles made super good for the boys with 215 yards, and K.C.'s Cassel kept the Chiefs close.

Bengals 17, Ravens 14

Man what's up with these two teams this year? They have had some of the better games of the season. It was cool how Cinncy rallyed around Mike Zimmer with his family problems. The Bengal's kept the Rav's down for almost 3 quaters. Ed Reed's Int for a T.D. was super smooth! Ray Rice is a BEAST!!! Yes sir he is, and what about Cedric Benson? Carson Palmer look's like their having fun again and it shows! Overall A, very, very entertaining, and fun to watch all the way to the end!

Denver 20, New England 17

The throwbacks were okay. The Bronco's looked more like Horse Shit in those jeresy's! The Pat's sure like remembering the day's of Jeff George with those throwbacks. This game was a perfect example of the student becomes the teacher saying. Brady still looks upset with the offense, Denver and Orton, look damn good right now! I just wonder how long will this last? Overall A, like I said Student becomes Teacher, need I say more?

Monday Night Football:
Miami 31, New York Jets 27

Since throwbacks are the theme of the week, man were them Orange jeresy's ugly!?! Man....
When The New York Rex's tried to biltz, the Dolphins had an answer for them. The wildcat that killed the hot Pat's last year, also claimed another victim in The Jets. Sanchez and Edwards looks to be an awesome connection! I'm intrested in seeing more of them together this season. A quick side note: Chad looked good last night and had better stats against the Jet's D then, Brees, and Brady. Overall A+, awesome game, good drama, back and fourth.

This game takes the title of
best game of the week!

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