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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

NFL Tuesday

With Week 7 in the books, it's that time again for
 "NFL WrapUp Tuesday"
This week we witness some awesome games, some disappointments (*cough*cough*Chicago*), crazy comebacks, nice finshes, and some statement games. With that said let's jump into it:

Houston 24, San Francisco 21

I thought this game like others was going to be a blow-out! It looked that way for a half until Alex Smith came in and rocket 3 TD's. Their offense looked good in the 2nd half. Alex Smith started looking like the QB he was suppose to be like 10 years ago as a top pick. The Texan's could this be the year they break the 8-8 threshold???? Also as a side note some scary news on the field, Andre Johnson left with sore lungs, scary business there. I hope he get's back better! Well mainly because my fantasy team needs those points! lol Overall B +, almost a good comeback, the 4th quarter was very entertaining.

Pittsburgh 27, Minnesota 17

The pic say's all!!! I called it, Minnesota's first lost, and i'm calling it now, they will lose in Green Bay next week!!! That's for another day and time, back to the game, it was back and fourth. Farve and Sidney Rice has been a pretty nice matchup so far! A.P. had a monster crazy run in the 4th!! I thought, oh no here we go again another comeback. Nope, Chester the Molester Taylor f-ed a pass and Pitt took it back. Boy did I love this lose for the Vike. Their not that good!!! Overall A-, another great game by Minnesota. They really are living up to the bill as "Must See Football".

Dallas 37, Atlanta 21

Remember up top when I mention statement games, well this one was it. The boy's needed a big demanding victory like this against a solid team to show the rest of the league we still have it. Since Romo's gone back to scrammbling around and not pocket, big play's have happened! For example those 3 sack's he dodge at the end of 2nd was crazy, what about Miles having another wild game! The Boy's need any victory right now, there at the end it's gonna be rough! Overall A, fun to watch the boy's do what they do best, entertain.

*Something new to the NFL Wrapup*


Oakland 0, New York Jets 38

All I have to say is this: Mark Sanchez had to eat a hot dog from the stands to stay alive thourgh this whole game. How bad do the Raiders suck? So bad that they win the first "Shittish Team of The Week" award! Enjoy and i'm sure there's more to come!



New Orleans 46, Miami 34

I tell you what, there are some team's this year that are truly fun to watch this year. Ravens, Vikings, Pat's, and Saints. They were down 24-3 with some change left in the 2nd. Drew Bree's and the Saint's did this crazy comeback to win this game. The Dolphins are looking promising these past few games, so they were in no way a push over. There's not much more I can say without saying WOW!!!! Overall A+++++, still haven't lost, and crazy comeback = game of the week!

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