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Thursday, October 22, 2009

College Football Wednesday (on Thursday)

I know this week I've been super behind on my schedule, so sorry! I will have the rest of the week on time guarantee.
Okay back to the topic at hand, we are at the half way point in this College Football season. Wow, half way! Can you believe it? This season seem's to be more in the HOV lane rolling at 95mph, instead of crusing. I mean for example, I couldn't believe Texas, OU came and went super fast. With the midway point comes the infinte B.C.S. standings!!!!
For my college football picks i'm going to do something new and fresh from here on out. I'm going to put the top 10 of the B.C.S. with their upcoming game, pick who I think's gonna win, and also do a flip of a coin to see whose gonna decide the game. Head's will be whoever is at home, Tail's is for whose on the road. I figure "Chance" is my best opponent on picking games hahahaha Who know's if this works out good, I may incorporate it into my NFL picks at the half way mark.
 With that said and the explanation of the new picking system, here's the picks in this week episode of: College Football Wednesday 
(the special BCS edition on Thursday) 

           Team:                             .vs. who?                         
  1. Florida                    @ Mississippi State                 
  2. Alabama                     Tennessee                        
  3. Texas                         @ Missouri                            
  4. Boise State                 @ Hawaii                            
  5. Cincinnati                    Louisville                             
  6. Iowa                          @ Michagon St.                         
  7. USC                           Oregon St.                               
  8. TCU                          @ BYU                                       
  9. LSU                           Auburn                                     
  10. Miami (Fl)                  Clemson                               
          My Pick:                        Mr. C (Coin)
       Florida                              Florida
      Alabama                         Tennessee
        Texas                               Missouri
       Boise St.                            Boise St.
        Cincy                                  Cincy
         Iowa                             Michagon St.
         USC                                    USC
         TCU                                    TCU
          LSU                                    LSU
        Miami                               Clemson

 My the best man win.....

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