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Friday, January 15, 2010

Divsonal Round Picks

Boy, oh Boy is there some good football ahead this weekend!!! 2nd Round fun facts last year, the teams with a first round bye went 1-3. Last week I went 2-2 this week I'm shooting for 4-0.

Here's my breakdown:

Arizona @ New Orleans

I think New Orleans picked out during the New England game, and the flame was officially blown out by the boys. The question is, can the Saints bring back that magic they had for the better part of season. With Arizona it's more if Kurt can come into the hostle Superdome and pull an upset out his ass. I think Arizona can take this in a shotout, like I said the Saint's are a fluke and the season ends tommrow for them!

Baltimore @ Indianapolis

Alot of sport commentors believe the Ravens can pull this upset off. I think Peyton still has the fire to take the Colts this season. Joe Flacco not being a 100% may play a major role in this game. I say take THE RAVENS if your willing to take that risky upset pick.

Dallas @ Minnesota

The question is can Dallas keep this ball rolling for the 5th straight week? I think Minny is in a state of trouble. Don't be fooled by the Vikes Week 17 victory over the Giants. This team is a sham, and I believe Romo and the D will previl. The key I wanna see is, can Minny contain the the Boys front 7?

NY Jets @ San Diego
San Diego

Even if Revis takes Jackson out the game, the Chargers have WAY too many more weapons. This should be the for sure blow out of the weekend!!!

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