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Friday, January 1, 2010

NFL Pick Friday *Season Finale*

Coming into this final week is kind of good and bad. Bad beacause the regular season is over and good, because high action crazy playoff action is about to start. It's been a fun, exciting, crazy, memorible year for football, aww it sucks it's almost over!

This year i've kicked major ass on picks coming into this weekend: 167-73.

This week is going to be kind of tricky on games with "whose resting", whose playing". Oh and also whose going to show up on these pointless games.
I feel since I've been shooting around 60-75% on picks this year i'll nail this down....

With that said let's jump into the 2009 Regular Season verison of:

NFL Pick Friday
*season finale*

Pointless Games:
Colts over Bills
Jaguars over Browns
Bears over Lions
49ers over Rams
Falcons over Buccs
Saints over Panthers
Chargers over Redskins

Playoff Bound Games:
Steelers over Dolphins
Vikings over Giants
Cowboys over Eagles
Ravens over Raiders

Broncos over Chiefs

***typed like this means upset special

My Playoff Picture
According to My Picks:


1. Indy, 2. San Diego *Byes*

Wild Card Matchups:

3. New England - 6. New York Jets
4. Cincinnati - 5. Denver


1. New Orleans, 2. Minnesota

Wild Card Matchups:

3. Dallas - 6. Philadelphia
4. Arizona - 5. Green Bay

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