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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Week 3 Wrap up

Like we always do this time, it's time to wrap up the 5 big games of the week. I forgot last week, but i'm on time this week. Besides my amazing awesome 36-12 record on picking games this year comes my awesome review of the week that was WEEK 3, so suck that Chris Boomer haha.

Vikings 27, 49ers 24

This was a pretty good game from the start. Vikings started off pretty strong, the 49ers bounced back and showed why their 2-0 and should take the West. But in the end Brett Farve gave ESPN another reason to ride his jock for another week with an amazing throw with like 16 sec. left. If you seen the replay it seemed the ball was just gonna sail over the end zone, then Greg Lewis comes down with it, with a crazy catch in bounds to take the game away from the 49ers. Overall awesome game A++, San Fran showed alot, and that combo with Shaun Hill and Veron Davis is gonna be sick as the year moves on, but week in and week out if it's not Brett it's AP winning games for Minny.

New England 26, Atlanta 10

Alright say what you want about the Pat's, but it's still early and i'm not buying this is the same team we'll be seeing come Week 10, Week 11. Brady's still rusty, these Wide Out's look BAD! But the underling cool fact is that the New England O Line hasen't given up a sack all year. The Falcon's had a hard time against the Pat's D. Matt Ryan didn't look good at all. The Pat's Red Zone offense kinda reminds me of the Boys back when all we could is kick field goals. Ahh those days, remember Cowboy fans, if not I've got two words for ya: Chris Boniol. Yea that's what New England's going through right now. But it'll change and these games will be a thing of the past. Overall B+, game at best both teams D were pretty good.

Lions 19, Redskins 14

Lions deserve their due respects on this win, it was ugly and looked like it wasen't going to happen, but they did it 19 game winless streak over! What better team to do against then Washington, and hold up guess who got hurt in this game, i'll let you think for a second......Albert Haynesworth. Mr 100 million himself. Like I said any player that goes to Washington end's up kissing their career goodbye. Not to take away from the Lions who looked like a some what decend team with that 99 yard 12 play 6 minute drive there at the end. Overall A-, I know an A? WOW! Well i'm a Cowboy's fan and seeing any divison foes losing an embarrassing lose like this scores high in my book, plus the Lions after all the hell they've been through can finally move on, move on to an awesome 3-13 record hahaha

Bengals 23, Steelers 20

Last week when I was in the Lab reviewing all the games and calculating my picks I would have never thought the Bengal's would have pull this out. No way! Even with all the mouth pollution coming out of "Chad" Johnson's mouth. You know the Steelers are looking more human now. Giving up 2 tds. in 3 minutes is bad. It leaves you to think are the Bengals, this good sitting at 2-1 and really should be 3-0? I remember telling everyone to keep an eye on the Bengals this year but I wasen't expecting a quick start out the gate. My hat's are off to them for pulling this one out, Carson looked good, the Cinny D looked good, and Limas Sweed had the uglyest drop in the End Zone this year. Man I felt bad for the man! Overall B+, It started off slow to me like all Pittsburgh games but the 4th quarter was very entertaining.

Monday Night Football:
Cowboys 21, Panthers 7

Say what you want about the Boys this year, but we showed last night we can play some D! Maybe not in the first half but the 2nd we killed it. Romo made some good decision's in this one, that's right not forcing every pass, and re kindled the love boat with him and Jason Witten. Felix getting hurt in the 2nd hurt me on fantasy, but as long as the Boy's win I'm happy. The Panther's tackling skills were horrible! Jack looked bad, what's up Carolina? Overall A, the first half, both teams didn't look good, 2nd half Cowboy's looked good, real good, hopefully this'll carry on to next week.

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