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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 1 Recap.......

Okay on my picks I went 13-3, I think that's an awesome way to start off, huh? Well i'm not blogging about my greatness of predicting games, i'm blogging about the recap of the 7 games I thought that were the "games of the week".
There were alot of awesome games but like I said these were the one's that appealed to me. Every Tuesday we'll be doing this until the season ends, without futher said let's jump into it....

Thursday Night Season Kick Off:
Pittsburgh 13, Tennessee 10 (ot)
First off like I told a friend of mine, in my view the word "hate" isn't strong enough to describe how I feel towards the Steelers. It's the season kick off, and finally some meaningful football's on the horizon! So you know this game would make my list.
Overall this was a pretty good game. If you play fantasy as myself and started Willie Parker like I did, I bet you were pretty pissed as myself! Clearly the stars of the night were Big Ben and Santonio Holmes. The Titan's offense seemed kinda flat and by the end of the game their D looked worked. When Hines Ward fumbled the ball towards the end of the 4th I was pumped hoping the Titan's would pull it out. But in OT the Steelers took advantage of a worn down D and took the game.

Jets 24, Texans 7
I gotta say I was very doubtful about Mark Sanchez coming into this season. The way ESPN hypes all these young QB's is stupid. It seems any quarterback coming off a hot season in college is the next "Tom Brady" or "Peyton Manning".  Even against a medicore defense in Houston, I still didn't give him much credit. Going 18-31 272 yards and a TD has me thinking a little different about him. I saw the Jet's a 7-9 team at best coming into this season, but before I start riding the Mark Sanchez Dick train, I wanna see how he stacks against the Pat's. If he finds a way to pull one out against them, then i'll glorify him. Until then, my hat's off for an awesome performance for your first NFL game.

Dallas 34, Bucc's 21
Boy I was super stoked about seeing the boy's back in action!!! It's been almost 9 months to see them redeem themselves from a disaster season!
I thought the Boy's were going to run all over Tampa in this one, weren't we all in a surprise. Cadillic came out of no where. Our defense looked extremely weak in this matchup, They showed no pressure and no aggressivness getting to the ball. The offense wasen't any better. They spent almost the whole first half confused! If Romo wouldn't of found out that Tampa's saftey's were weak and attack them, then this game would've had a different outcome. Not all was bad Romo throwing for 353 and 3 tds was awesome, I just hope we fix these problems before New York on Sunday.

Vikings 34, Browns 20
 One word to describe A.P........ SICK!!!!!! Were talking about man that busted a run at full speed, stopped and stiffed arm one defender, took a few step's foward, stopped again, stiff arm a defender behind him who wouldn't of caught up to him on anyday, then took off full speed for a TD!!! Wow the man is SICK!!! I know it was "The Brett Farve Coming Out Of Reitrement Part 89640". A.P. made sure to remind everyone this is his team.

49ers 20, Cardinals 16
If you read my previous blog I called this the upset of the week. There we a couple of close calls, this one still kept the title. The score was 13-6 going into half, this game was on sided all the way besides what the scoreboard read. Shaun Hill's 80 yd td in the 4th was pure wildness. 49ers D kept Warner at bay from doing a comeback at the end of the 4th. The Card's look bad! No disgusting! I'm saying it now 49ers at 9-7 this year will take the West and lose a horrible lose in the Wild Card this year lol

Packers 21, Bears 15
Man I was suprised in this one. I watch this on side screen with the VMA's on the other side. With Kanye West intruption and Cutler looking stupidly bad made this a intresting evening. I gotta confess I'm rooting for the Bear's this year. When they picked up Jay I thought this had to be their season. If your into Defensive struggles then this was a perfect game to watch. The Bears recievers looked lost most of the game, and some how forgot to run routes. Rogers looked good, the Pack's D looked good. If this is a preview of how Jay will be without Brandon Marshall, then this will be a super long season!

Monday Night
Patriots 25, Bills 24
Wow was this a fun game to watch! Tom looked pretty bad for 3 and half quaters, The Bills for 3 and half quaters looked really, really, really good. Being up 24-10 with 2 minutes and some change left what does Brady do? Lead two crazy scoring drives in 2 minutes to win the game. The Pat's D looked suspect, the Bills still have problem's with a weak O Line. Overall this was fun to watch and it's good to see Tom back!

Those were the games I thought I would mention. I'm downing the other games, overall this was a kick ass week of football, and thank you lord almighty for blessing us with football again!!! God the summer's suck after the Basketball playoffs!

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