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Friday, October 1, 2010

NFL Picks Friday

If you held patient with me then you reaped the benefits from last weeks picks. I'm bakc on track after a bumpy first two weeks of sitting at .500. Last week I went 11-5 with the Upset Lock of Dallas of Houston. You can thank me now.
Hahahahaha Keeping up with last week's theme of keeping it fat free, here's the picks with no bull.
(Also as another side note, my night gig is coming to an end so i'll be back on here blogging more.)

NFL Pick Friday:

Atlanta over San Francisco
NYJets over Buffalo
Cincinnati over Cleveland
Green Bay over Detroit
Tennessee over Denver
Seattle over St. Louis
New Orleans over Carolina
Indianapolis over Jacksonville
Houston over Oakland
San Diego over Arizona
Sunday Night Football:
Chicago over NYGiants

Games of The Week:
Baltimore over Pittsburgh
Monday Night Football:
New England over Miami

Upset of The Week:
Washington over Philadelphia

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