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Thursday, April 16, 2009

2009 NBA Playoff Predictions...

Alright it was a great season with a great ending! Damn I gotta say for the first time in a good while I'm really excited about these playoffs this year! Alright here's my bracket and let me explain each match up...
1st Round:
*Lakers will breeze by Utah in 4, don't question it, just get your broom ready in L.A.!
*Rockets will have some trouble with Portland, but Houston will take charge and get it in 6.
*Spurs and Mav's will be a good matchup, with all the injury problems San Antone have right now and with the Mav's still trying to find their team, I'll take the Mav's in a 7 game Upset.
*Nuggets and Hornets, hmmm New Orleans will give Denver Trouble, not Coldplay trouble but trouble none the less. Denver will escape in 7 but it will wear them down!
2nd Round:
*Alright Houston and L.A. will be a good series. I think Houston will expose some problems with the Lakers, but it won't be enough, I'm taking Lakers in 6.
*Mav's and Nuggets will be a long good 7 game series. It's funny, I don't like the Mav's but I have the two best series of the West belonging to them. It will be a back and forth struggle between, and Denver will ultimately take in a crazy game 7.
Conference Finals:
*I think after two long hard tiring 7 game series, the Nuggets come into the spotlight extremely tired, and I question if there's anything left in the gas tank? That's not a good question to have against a Laker team at this hungrier then a child molester at a Middle School! Cause of that I'm taking L.A. in 5. Setting the stage for a super sick Finals.
1st Round:
*Cleveland will have no problem with Detroit, it's not the year to invest in Detroit's big 3 and not the time to be a Piston fan. I'm Taking Cleveland in 5. That's right 5, I'll give the Piston a pity win.
*Hawks and Heat will be a fun series to watch this round in the East! It was a tough choice who to pick in this game. I pick the Heat in 7, Dwayne will step it up in the later games, and that will be the difference.
*Orlando I think won't have too much of a problem getting rid of the 76ers. Their too much for them and I'm taking them in 5, Orlando that is.
*The Final Series, Boston and Chicago. Well I know alot of people are writing off Boston with K.G. out. I don't know, man it's gonna be tough series for them now without him. Chicago's got some fire power and will push this series to 7 games. I think Boston barley slips out this round in 7 like robbery.
2nd Round:
*Boy this will be a fun series to watch, Dwayne .vs. Lebron. The highlight real will be packer then a fat girl wearing pants 8 sizes smaller, but the "Lebron's" [Cav's] will prevail in 6.
*I know I'm gonna piss alot of folks off with this but here it goes, Orlando will KILL, let me repeat, ORLANDO WILL KILL the Celtics in 5. This will be a nasty 5 game series. This is where we'll see the effects with no K.G. play in, I got Boston edging out Game 1 after their long series with Chicago, but then it takes a turn for the worst! Orlando take it in 5. (As a side note, if Garnett does come back for this series, I still have Orlando taking but in 6 and maybe not as nasty, maybe like PG-13 nasty, A little cleavage but no boobies style)
Conference Finals:
*This will be another highlight film fantasy matchup. The Lebron's are coming into this game high of the last round victory and will take it in 6. Orlando will play it tough don't get me wrong but their not ready for the big show yet. So Cleveland in 6 setting a kick as matchup against the Lakers.
*This series with the Cavs and Lakers will be everything everyone has and will hope for. The Lakers will be the safe bet, but watch this is the series where we'll all see Lebron become a super megastar and put Kobe in the backseat. I'm taking Cleveland in 7 amazing, awesome, most talked about games this year!

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