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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rhianna and Chirs Brown Figh

Well, Well.... it seems domestic violence hits everywhere huh? I guess we have remixes such as these to look forward to:
Chris Brown:
"Let Me Beat You Down"
"Beat You Up From Wall To Wall"
"With You I Feel Like Punching You"
and I think this one might be my favorite
"My Umbrella of Fist w/Rhianna"
"Hate That I Love To Get Beat"
"Please Don't Stop Your Fist"
"Rehabbing My Face"
"Shut Up and Hit Me"
"Take A Bow To The Head"
"Good Girl Gone Bad, Gets Beat Bad"
There You go hope you enjoy this Domestic Violence Anthems at a store near you lol
All joking to the side I don't support domestic violence this is a sad case, and hope all ends well for the two of em.

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